Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthias Ladkau 6d88f455c0 chore(release): 1.6.1 1 week ago
  Matthias Ladkau 71c8b6df3d fix: Adding locking for ThreadPool.State() 1 week ago
  Matthias Ladkau 63a1838131 chore: Go 1.16 changes 2 weeks ago
  Matthias Ladkau 9a7cb4094b chore(release): 1.6.0 3 weeks ago
  Matthias Ladkau cbaba21419 fix: Minor pretty printer changes and addition to the documentation 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 6f8b42c21f feat: Adding rand function 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 45e1f2f03d chore(release): 1.5.2 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 643790ec49 fix: Pretty printer fix for loop statements using an in operator 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau ff06876e42 chore(release): 1.5.1 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 79a2d93258 fix: Exposing threadpool a bit more 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 1094a6a9a3 chore(release): 1.5.0 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 972b895abc feat: Adding profiling command 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 80efb81841 fix: Better mutex management 1 month ago
  Matthias Ladkau 8aaf7d2a83 chore(release): 1.4.6 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 64e83693a8 fix: addEventAndWait can also now trigger rules not defined in ECAL 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau d9c9cb2822 chore: Setting the default number of threads to 4 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau be57bd5c85 chore(release): 1.4.5 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau ea62e5aaa9 fix: Allow adding fixed custom rules for CLI interpreter 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 00aee79fe5 chore(release): 1.4.4 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau cc923195bd fix: More math functions and constants 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 6d8aea2908 fix: Better output for runtime errors 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 0f25d80738 fix: First character of generated stdlib functions should be lower case. 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 6f56203e58 fix: Including NaN and Inf functions in stdlib by default 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 585ba9018e fix: Better type conversion of nested structures and a new type function to inspect objects 3 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 91d41e14b6 chore(release): 1.4.3 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 7ca66c528a fix: Adding timestamp functions 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau ea776f31f5 chore(release): 1.4.2 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 4a29d46f3a fix: Try supports now otherwise blocks 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 1550304c4c fix: except can now raise new errors / signals 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 033e9a46d8 chore(release): 1.4.1 4 months ago