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DudelDu is a simple audio/video streaming server using the SHOUTcast protocol.

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  • Supports various streaming clients: VLC, ServeStream, ... and most Icecast clients.
  • Supports sending of meta data (sending artist and title to the streaming client).
  • Playlists are simple JSON files and data files are normal media (e.g. .mp3, .nsv) files on disk.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone server or embedded in other Go projects.
  • Supports HTTP basic user authentication.

Getting Started (standalone application)

You can download a pre-compiled package for Windows (win64) or Linux (amd64) here.

You can also pull the latest docker image of DudelDu from Dockerhub:

docker pull krotik/dudeldu

Create an empty directory, change into it and run the following to start DudelDu:

docker run --rm --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -v $PWD:/data -p 9091:9091 krotik/dudeldu -host <playlist>

The container will have access to the current local directory and all subfolders.


DudelDu comes with a demo playlist. After extracting DudelDu switch to the directory examples/demo. Run ./ (Linux) or run_demo.bat (Windows) to start the server.

Open a browser and view the demo.html in the examples/demo directory. To access the demo streams you are prompted for a username and password. The credentials are:

username: web
password: web

You can also point your favourite audio streaming client (e.g. VLC) to the streaming URL:


The demo includes also a small video in the Nullsoft Streaming Video format (NSV). To see it point a video streaming client (e.g. VLC) to:


Note: By default you can only reach the streams via localhost. Use the -host parameter with a host name or IP address to expose it to external network peers.

Command line options

The main DudelDu executable has the following command line options:

DudelDu x.x.x
Usage of ./dudeldu [options] <playlist>
  -?	Show this help message
  -auth string
    	Authentication as <user>:<pass>
    	Enable extra debugging output
  -fqs int
    	Frame queue size (default 10000)
  -host string
    	Server hostname to listen on (default "")
    	Loop playlists
  -port string
    	Server port to listen on (default "9091")
  -pp string
    	Prefix all paths with a string
    	Shuffle playlists
  -tps int
    	Thread pool size (default 10)

Authentication can also be defined via the environment variable: DUDELDU_AUTH="<user>:<pass>"

Building DudelDu

To build DudelDu from source you need to have Go installed (go >= 1.12):

Create a directory, change into it and run:

git clone .

You can build DudelDu's executable with:

go build ./server/dudeldu.go

Building DudelDu as Docker image

DudelDu can be build as a secure and compact Docker image.

  • Create a directory, change into it and run:

    git clone .
  • You can now build the Docker image with:

    docker build --tag krotik/dudeldu .


DudelDu source code is available under the MIT License.