Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthias Ladkau 3a5d35db2b feat: Adding plain node support for GraphQL AST 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 14e1981b54 fix: Better escape sequence parsing for GraphQL parser 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 7a75f34299 feat: Pretty printer for GraphQL 4 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau 2d7d171720 fix: Proper zero character constants 6 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau c0eeb12f60 feat: Adding CLI arg quoting 6 months ago
  Matthias Ladkau c66becd1bc doc: Remove defs in README 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau fbd99da4f0 doc: Adding badges 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau 51bc57083a fix: CompositeError should store error objects 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau a2431ae058 feat: Remove old definitions 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau b3c33c4a28 fix: Fix for race condition in lockfile implementation. 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau 6f33f4f03e fix: Threadpool has now thread Ids 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau 0ab37be926 fix: Exposing ConvertToJSONMarshalableObject 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau 76aaf6d8c0 feat: Adding chunk split function 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau d6510dd9cd fix: Remove ECAL parser and fix some race conditions 1 year ago
  Matthias Ladkau daa1ea8646 feat: Adding CamelCaseSplit 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 08da30c5f8 chore: Adding OO features to ECAL documentation 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 95d906dde6 feat: Adding pretty string function 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 96df576bc0 chore: Adding ECAL docs 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau cef15c6833 feat: ECAL supports anonymous functions 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 684c151b05 fix: ECAL parser can better decide between composition structure access and lists 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau cfa89a6c39 fix: Remove superfluous parameter 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 11a13c920d feat: Change scope interface for ECAL 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau b36422f78a fix: Small code refactor for ECAL parser 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau e7429cbd77 Merge branch 'feat/ecal' of krotik/common into master 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 5bd4fcb22c feat: Adding conditional and loop statements to ECAL 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau e2a97c3572 feat: Adding sink parsing 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 89bf6e0d31 feat: Adding function declaration parsing to ECAL 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 5edc68f344 feat: Adding map and list parsing to ECAL 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau c355fc5cbc feat: Adding composition access to ECAL 2 years ago
  Matthias Ladkau 1b17b25d71 feat: Adding proper identifier parsing and func calls 2 years ago